Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I had day 1 of the wonderful internship. I'll have to admit, I was really nervous. I still am a little bit. But, the director of the lab school, Rhonda, is amazing. She is really outgoing and understanding. She makes you feel right at ease. Plus, she's super organized... so I love that. And her cute file folders. The list could go on and on.

I am really excited about the rest of the semester. We do have to do a big project... I need to keep my eyes open. We get to choose and decide what project we want to do. Oh, the possibilities are endless! One majorly cool detail, we get boxes. I am going to leave Kevin a note in his box today. As the semester goes on, I think I might leave him and Carina periodic treats. I can do that right? I sure hope so.

Did I tell you the cool news? I was mad at UT because I could only get a permit in the garage by the stadium. I would then have to hike 100 miles (more like 1 mile) to my building. Ridiculous. It's hot (though yesterday was beautiful). Anyways, I was able to return my permit and get a parking permit through the garage itself that next door to my building. :) It's very exciting.

Now, I must go finished getting ready for 'work.' I must also get my adorable Ian ready after he awakes. Could he possibly get any cuter? I think he does every, single, day.

**Side Note** I read like 2 pages of my mom's Ann Rule book before Ian started crying on the Houston trip. Did anyone know that these books are real? I know, Amanda, duh the book is real. But I mean, I had no idea that she actually worked with Ted Bundy. I was reading the Green River, Running Red book. Wow. Just wow.

Blog out.

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