Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I am missing my memory card. It was in the computer. Now, it's nowhere to be found. I'm sure Ian took it. I need to find it so I can post more pictures of my angel. And take them too.

Let's take a look back at adorable Ian when he was first born:

Could he possibly be any cuter? No. I don't think so. He is perhaps the cutest baby on the planet.

As much as I love Ian, I will now focus my mind energies on another topic. Though, you'll have to keep in mind that Ian is in the chair next to me playing. You know how I write when he's next to me. In that one sentence, he climbed down from the chair and is roaming around. See? He has already stolen the spotlight again.

Before I forget (though I don't know how I could possibly EVER forget), we got a new a/c unit. Or a condenser. We got one of those thingyies that go outside. Yes, we had one before, but it sucked. This new one is awesome! Mainly because it works. And it's pretty. It's bigger, it's grey, it's sleek looking. Overall, I'm pretty happy. Regardless of the 3 day turn-around. It wasn't hot outside, so I didn't mind too much. Oh, what's that? You want a picture of it? Too bad. I need to find my memory card. We have like 3 of them I think.

(Funny side note: Ian will not get rid of his blue circle block or his red building block. So, he's literally back to army crawling around so that he can hold both of them. Then, he climbs up an object with no hands so that he's standing and proceeds to walk around. What an odd baby).

My first potential pair of wedding shoes were too big. They are adorable though! If someone returns my size, I will probably buy them right up. But, I'll wait for them in the right color and size. If they don't get it in, it wasn't mean to be. The search continues.

It is time to finish my morning coffee and play with Ian. :)

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