Wednesday, September 2, 2009

TB or not TB?!

Good morning. My coffee tastes a little bit better these days. Ian woke up early with me this morning. Fun huh? He cried so I would change his wet diaper, just so he had a fresh diaper to go twosies in. Ah, parenthood.

**In case you missed it, Ian is walking!**

This morning is slightly busy. I have to take Michael to school. Then I go to campus to have my TB test read. I don't think I have TB. My wound looks like a normal shot, but the kind where the nurse stabs you really really hard. There's a little bruising. What happens when you have TB?

Speaking of shots, is anyone getting their flu shot this year? Supposedly Ian is old enough to get his flu shot, but I really hate adding to his regimen. I think that I might get one and I'm pretty sure he'll get the goods from me because he still breastfeeds. At least that's what we did last year.

This is a short scattered post. But, Ian is in my lap. You see how he effects my brain? Here's a picture from our road trip to Houston:

He's hard at work. Michael is in the background. We stopped by Lei Lei (sp?!) Dumpling House on the way out of town. Delicious.

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  1. omg. you have tb?!?!
    that's a lot of acronyms.