Thursday, September 10, 2009


I really need to update my 101. I did make a realization though. I wanted to start rituals with Stephen because I didn't think that we had any. We have 2 that randomly popped into my head the other day. Kisses and breakfast.

What?! Well, kisses. Every single morning before Stephen goes to work (and even on the weekend if he wakes up first), I get a kiss. Even if there was a fight the night before. It doesn't matter. I get a kiss. :) It is a great start to each one of my days. Maybe that's why I'm so optimistic these days. I love mornings. I love having them start off with a kiss from Esteban. That is ritual number one.

[As I'm typing this. I don't know if 'ritual' is the right word, but I'm going to use it anyways]. Breakfast! Every Saturday Stephen has been going to Maria's tacos and getting us amazing breakfast tacos. Apparently my parents have been doing the same thing. They are ooooooh so delicious.

I should go mark these off my 101, maybe tonight. On another note, yesterday my mom, Ian, my bridesmaid Franny, and I went to Weddings Unvelied. We looked around and left after an hour. In that hour, I won a $50 gift certificate to a delicious truffle place AND a 15% off of beautiful cakes. My first thought was that I could use it for Ian's birthday that's coming up. But then I thought, maybe I could let Janet use it for the rehearsal dinner cake. Who knows?! I'm really excited about it though. I could have won one more time and I probably did, but we left. It was way past Ian's bed time. He was a trooper.

I will leave you, not with words, but with a picture. Ian smash!

Just kidding... not leaving yet. I ordered Ian's Halloween costume and it shipped today. WE ARE SO EXCITED! I am going to try to keep it a secret until Halloween. But, it will blow your mind hole!


  1. sorry i couldnt make it to the unveiled! ian looks like godzilla! : )

  2. sweet!!! i wish i couldv'e gone. i hate ut.