Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas can Officially Begin!

Yesterday was Franny's birthday! She exclaimed to me how she can now put up Christmas lights because Christmas begins December 10, the day after her birthday. We had a birthday dinner with her. Mmmmm, it was tasty!

Franny knows how to cut a cake. Sort of. I'm sure there is an easier way...

Ian always makes the job easier! Ian and the birthday girl sharing some delicious cake. Franny is 23 now! That means Caroline is now the youngest bridesmaid. :) Poor Caroline.

Oh, I almost forgot, Franny was assisting Ian in tearing down the restaurant. Though, I think we're invited back anyways. The entire staff (even the cooks) made their way out at one point or another to look at Ian. I can't help that he's so rambunctious and looks like he's 6 months. I'm sure they're astounded.

Any who, I must get back to my domestic day.


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  1. hey now! oh whatever who am i used to being the baby hahahah.