Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Flower Girl Shopping!

Over the weekend Franny, Ian, Marissa, Lisa, and I went shopping to get Marissa's flower girl dress. It was fun! At first, Marissa was too shy to show us her dresses. She wanted to stay in the dressing room...

 See? She's in her dressing room. I ran to get a picture. Don't worry, I'm not posting the actual dress. You're going to have to come to the wedding to see that one! Keep in mind, the one she's getting is the cutest one. She looked absolutely amazing in every single dress she tried on.

That's the same dress. Isn't it gorgeous?! She FINALLY decided to look at herself in a mirror. She was refusing to look in the mirror. And, there are no mirrors in the dressing room. Don't worry, by the end of the event, we had her twirling around the room!

Marissa talked Lisa into letting her wear heels. So, she's putting them on. Just another adorable addition to the outfits.

Franny came up with a brilliant idea! She was bribing Marissa. Every time Marissa came out to show us a dress AND stood on the circle things that the bride stands on, she got to try on a different tiara/headpiece. Marissa loved this idea. She was WAY more willing to show us dresses after that. Way to go Franny! I'm am beginning to become very tempted into calling Franny, Super Nanny!

It was really funny because she'd always start out timid. Then, she'd open up. And it went that way  with every, single, dress.

Finally, it just wouldn't be Marissa if she wasn't running around in her dresses. Running, eating, playing, holding Ian. You name it, Marissa was probably doing it. With style and grace... in heels! She's a professional already.

I can't wait to reveal the actual dress! Especially because I think we may tweak it a bit. Needless to say, trying on dresses was a success. Now for the shoes... oh shoes. It might be my favorite part.

Blog out.

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  1. Such a sweet recap! And yes, Franny was awesome!

    Marissa is looking at this and "Wants to see Franny". Where are the pictures of Franny?