Monday, December 14, 2009

Mommy Goggles

This week was a good week. Ian always stands on the scale in the bathroom because he likes to watch the numbers move. The other night, he weighed himself (fully clothed), 19.2 pounds!! I'm aware it was at the end of the day... and clothes add some weight. But that's exciting! He has also grown half an inch since his check up! Woohoo!!

We went shopping over the weekend. My flower girl, Marissa, had to try on dresses! Ian was helping with the process as you can see. I had to bring my handing nanny, Franny, as well. Ian loves her to death. I'll post about dress shopping later this week, probably Wednesday. Ian is such a rock star! He was walking around like he owned the place. This seems to a common theme for Ian.

Literally, future Rock Star!

Ian loves playing in boxes. They are the best presents. If you're trying to find a Christmas gift for Ian, make sure it comes in a nice box. He'll love it!

Oh, Ian eats breakfast like this now. I'm not 100% sure how he gets his leg up. Or even how he thinks this is comfortable. This does not look comfortable. Quite the opposite. Whatever makes him happy. He also talks up a storm. Over night. He just started talking and never stops. I can barely understand any of it. I'm pretty sure he calls me "Amanda." I always say, "no! It's mom!" Oh well, at least he's saying something. I think he sounds like a Sim, you know, from the Sims games. Me gusta. I think it'll turn into English one day.

I have so much to post about this week! I think there is actually a plan: Tuesday (Ten on Tuesday); Wednesday (Wedding); Thursday (Winter Wonderland); Friday (My New Camera).

Until next time...

Blog out.

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