Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mommy Goggles... a little late

I completely forgot to update my blog today. I've been super busy with wedding invitations! Hopefully Franny will be back tomorrow so that we can finish them up and mail them out. That would be great. I miss me some Franny.

Anyways, Christmas was wonderful. We went to Houston on Christmas morning. We visited with Stephen's family:

(Janet opening her calendar with Ian's help)

(Larry and his Nebraska Snuggie)

Then, we headed over to the El Guizawi's:

(Christmas shots?)

Then, we got to see Amy and Broc!

Ian loved all of his toys! He especially loved playing with Rafik's pool table and giving high fives:

I love that picture! How cute is that? He's so excited about the high five that his feet are up off of the table. He's hilarious.

Then, we did more Houston-type things and made our way back to Houston. I'm glad that I waited until nighttime to update because Ian has added two new words to his repertoire today: apple and bird. It is amazing isn't it? How fast kids grow up. I can't believe he has such a big vocabulary already!

Ian also got to visit his friend Corbin. It was their first encounter. He didn't know that they were friends yet, but now he does. He seemed to enjoy it. They had many of the same toys. Corbin just turned one today! Apparently I didn't upload any of those pictures yet. I can't believe Deana (Corbin's mom) and I didn't get any pictures together. Or better yet, any pictures of just Ian and Corbin side-by-side. I guess that there is always next time. I will remember next time. I will try really, really hard.

Oh, one more Ian-related thing: I want to build him a bed. Is that crazy? Cynthia wants to build one for Amia too, so we might do that together. I'll post the link to the beds we want to build later, if I haven't already written a blog about it. It's a-freaking-dorable. I can't wait.

Blog out.

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