Saturday, December 19, 2009

Michael is How Old?!

I forgot to post on Friday, so you get a surprise post today. I'm sick! I didn't get a break until now. Stephen is watching Ian in the kitchen and making me breakfast. This is what Ian is doing:

He's in the cabinet if you can't tell. I love my boys. They are so awesome.

Yesterday, Ian's new shoes came in. She ordered two pair, but one was out of stock. So, the guy called and gave her 4 pairs of shoes for the price of 2. Did I mention these two were on clearance for only $10?! They are the amazing leather shoes that Ian loves so much too. Sadly, they are all big. One sort of fits. So, we went and bought another pair for him on the site. They shipped out the same day. I love this site. It is the Me in Mind site. We are very pleased with them I LOVE them. The shoes are ADORABLE! Ian has shoes up to 24 months now.

Do you see those adorable shoes?! If you have a little boy or girl, I suggest you go buy some now. They are so cute. They have quick service too. LOVE!

While we  were up at work, we took lots of pictures, but I'll save those for next week. Yesterday was also Uncle Michael's birthday! W00T! He's 18 now. It's terrifying. I asked him how it felt to me 18...

Haha. His crazy hair and face. But really, in all seriousness...

Aw. Cute Uncle Michael. He's 18 now. Wow. I'm old. My parent's baby is 18. My mom made this realization last night. Michael got a new wireless Xbox remote (via me, Stephen, and Ian; Ian helped wrap it; Ian also bit a hole in it), two pairs of pants; long sleeve shirt; hoodie sweater thing; Assassin's Creed II; and 5 movie tickets to see Avatar at the IMAX with his buddies. I wonder if it was good.

Here is a random picture of his friend Mike. He wasn't making my job easy. He did this every single time I tried to take a picture.

I have a million more pictures, but I'll spare you. I'll try to post them all through next week. I've taken LOTS of pictures.

Happy Belated Birthday Brother!

Blog out.


    Seriously though not only is he cute but those shoes are awesome.

  2. Oh I think your first picture isn't there....

  3. Crap! I'll fix it in a bit. I have to find which picture it was... lol

  4. Well your rock God has the best parents from what I can tell.