Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Quiz Answers

Ian let me sleep in today, so I have to post a quick blog, I'm sorry.

Here are the answers to the quiz from two weeks ago!

1. What city was I born in? -Sherman, TX! Nearly everyone got this one right.

2. How many siblings do I have? -2 (amazing) brothers. EVERYONE got this one right!

3. and 4. The names for our next boy and next girl, everyone got right. They were freebies. I just wanted to see what people thought.

5. What is my favorite season? -WINTER! You are living my favorite season people.... living it.

6. Perfume? -Sensi by Giorgio Armani. Brad bought it for me a LONG time ago, now it's all I wear.

7. My maid of honor and I have been friends for 18 years! Amazing, right? We met in kindergarten. I recently wrote our kindergarten teacher and told her this. Don't worry, this was my favorite teacher of all time!

8. I have a collection of BARBIES! Thanks to my Aunt Mary. They are a wonderful thing.

9. I am a soccer player. Shame on you if you don't know that!

10. My parents were 19 years old when they got married. I just realized this a year ago. Don't judge me.

11. Peter Pan the Broadway used to be my favorite movie of all time. I watched it 1 million times a day.

12. And, my chosen breakfast of a champion is.... bagel, egg, bacon, cream cheese sandwich!!

Those are the quiz answers!

Now, quickly I must show you the new car seat. I greatly underestimated the size of it. I now refer to it as the Monster. You'll see in about 2 seconds....

The one of the left is the First Years one, it's my moms, the one I was going to get. The one on the right, is obviously the Monster. Can you tell I like the neutral color car seats? They are the same colors. Like Ian's pajamas?

Oh, I have an anomaly for you. Ian HATES riding in his car seat. HATES. However, apparently when the car seat is in the house, that's a completely different story...

He's such a goober.

Until next time,


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