Monday, December 21, 2009

Mommy Goggles

Good morning Readers! It's Monday. I've been up since 5:30, as per usual. The difference? Ian was also awake. I made a snap decision too this morning: I bought this.

from iPearl

Isn't it beautiful? I can't wait to get it in. It is my Christmas gift to myself. They sell cases for Macs and Kindles and ipods too, among other things. But, this looks amazing for my netbook! I especially love how it raises the key board if I want it to.

Ok, let's move onto today's topic, IAN! Yesterday, Stephen and I bought his Christmas present. Well, there were two things, but Stephen is weak and gave Ian one already. So, the other is just chillin. I love it though. We decided to get him only one present for the following reasons:

  1. He just had a birthday, so he already has every gift imaginable for a one-two year old.
  2. My parents got him several things.
  3. Granny Janny and Grandpa went insane and bought him so many things, we could open a store.
  4. Plus, we still have wedding things to buy.
We took it easy. Thank goodness. We ended up buying his gift from Whole Earth Provisions. Love that store!

Moving on: I don't know if I told you this before, Ian calls me "Amanda." From now on, if anyone talks to me, I am to be called, "mom," "mommy," or something of that nature. The funny thing is, he calls my mom "gama" but, if you ask him who "mommy" is, he points to my mom. Even funnier, if you ask him who "daddy" is, he also points to my mom. She wears many hats. Ian refers to Stephen as "dadda." I guess all these names are different. Hilarious.

Ian is also very into pointing with his pointer finger. Especially when he sees birds or babies. Yesterday, he continually pointed at some kid saying "bebe" until they were out of site. Poor kid. She just stared at Ian as if he were crazy. He's really into invading people's personal space.

What would this blog be if I didn't add pictures? Last week we visited work:

Ian is a super big help in the warehouse. He walks around like he owns the place, trying to rearrange things, organize things, etc. A working man at 13 months of age... oh Ian.

He's playing hide-and-seek with my dad. He gets behind and object, flattens himself, and looks like that. I love this look. Ian has oh so many looks. This is probably one of my favorite looks. I am embarrassed to admit how many pictures I took last week. But, I'll keep on trucking. (Sorry grandparents, I realize I already sent you these pictures, however, they did not have my awesome commentary with them).

Stephen built Ian a cardboard house. Ian loves it. It's 'his' place. He'll put his snacks in there and eat; toys to play. Recently, he found out how to move the box around while he's inside of it, he'll look through the 'windows' to see where he's going. So yes, we frequently have a huge box moving around our apartment with a small child inside of it.

Apparently, one of Ian's titles is Investigator. He is always exploring outside, then bending over like this to investigate something. He's hilarious. Minus when I had to stand in one spot with my foot over a piece of gum. It didn't stop him from continually returning and attempting to move my foot so he could get to it. People, please don't leave your gum on the ground, over analyzing babies like my own want to touch it so badly.

It's time to play with Ian. I have to let you go now. But, alas, I will leave you with one last picture.

Blog out.


  1. Oh my God, how freaking cute is that little dude. His nicknames - LOL! He calls you Amanda? You gotta get him to start calling YOU mommy or something, that's just kind of weird.
    Yall are sounding like such awesome parents. I had a cardboard box when I was his age, too, and ate my cereal in there all the time. It's silly but meaningful little things like that that make a happy baby stay a happy baby.
    Finally, that wicked look on his face when playing hide and seek - PRICELESS! "P

  2. Amanda, I cannot believe how many faces of Ian you are able to capture! Priceless says it all in deed. Really looking forward to seeing you guys Friday!