Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Time Is Here

I don't have any pictures for today's post, that I took myself. I will steal one for the point of this post. I feel like one pictures is always needed! Remember yesterday, I said that Christmas can officially start now? For me, it has. I love the cold weather. This is cold weather in Texas! Last night, Stephen and I went to dinner with Aaron at this amazing Indian food place. I was freezing. I was wearing a shirt, a sweater, and a coat. Stephen had on a hoodie with the sleeves up. It was ridiculous. Stephen doesn't think it's that cold.

Taken from Luminous Landscape.

Stephen is Christmas-sick. Much like home sick. But, he's said that Christmas in Texas has never felt like Christmas. He wants snow. And not just Texas snow. But, real snow. The boy lived in Chicago. My first idea, was if we had a lot of money, to fly to Chicago and hang out with his sister in the winter. That would be a fun tradition to start! But, alas, we do not.

Instead, we are going to bake. We will make sugar cookies, traditional. We are going to make some other treat as well, I don't know what they're called. Stephen does. I've never heard of them. They are peanut buttery on the inside and chocolatey on the outside. We might throw in a few other treats as well. Probably not as good as snow, but eh, I'll try.

Maybe I should do a snow dance. One that will bring two feet of snow.

Could you imagine Ian in a huge snow suit?! Oh my goodness, adorable.

Ian's up. Blog out.

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