Friday, August 27, 2010

It's a...


I know, shocking, right? I couldn't say until everyone close knew and Stephen took forever to tell Rafik. So, there you have it. We're incredibily excited. Yes, we have a name. Only a few people know it. We like it a lot though.

Of course, she was being very difficult during the ultrasound. She never moved her hands from her face and her legs were crossed the entire time. We finally were able to get a glimpse and see that she was in fact a girl. From what we could measure/see, she was measuring pretty big, like 1.5 weeks big. Oh well. I'm sure she'll be perfect.

In other news, Ian has a hemangioma. We're taking him to the dermatologist next week to get it removed. It's on his face and he's been messing with it, so it's bleeding now. Fun fact, there is only one pediatric dermatologist in Austin. How ridiculous is that? The wait is several months, which is too long... not to mention insane. Hopefully we can get it taken care of. Though, Ian does look super cute right now because he has a Cars band aid over it... adorable.

Busy week people, sorry. Hopefully we'll share more next week. Very, very busy may even be an understatement.


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  1. you've got to tell me the name! im so excited for you two.....well three! :) :) :)