Monday, August 2, 2010

Mommy Goggles

Good late morning readers. We got back late last night from Houston visiting Stephen's parents, sister, and nephews. It was a pretty good, but hot, trip. This post is VERY picture heavy. I've been editing pictures all morning because I did a family session with Deana, my business partner (I'll post those another day), so take notice that I stop giving pictures rounded edges half way through the post... sorry!

For starters, we drove down to Houston at 3am on Saturday. I always want to leave early because Ian is sleeping and after about an hour in the car, he starts crying. Yes, this is better than it used to be, but still not great. I had a nice cup of decaf coffee when we got to Larry and Janet's, but I didn't want to waste a picture on that this blog. Lots of the trip consisted of the following image:

The boys loved playing video games and on occasion, Ian would watch too. For the most part, it was pushing buttons on their controllers while they were playing. Ian also found that the perfect sized bed for him is in fact, Honey's bed.

There were times when he would actually push Honey off the bed so that he could lay on it. And he'd say "night night." Though, he never actually fell asleep on it, he was just in love with it. I told Stephen we should buy Ian a doggy bed and just build a platform for it, it's about the size of a toddler bed, right? Then Janet told me that they make platforms for dog beds, so I guess it wouldn't be too difficult to do.

Oh, let me drop some knowledge on you, I walked into Larry and Janet's room and noticed that Honey's other doggy bed had a blanket and pillow on it, Honey sleeps in style (and comfort).

Then, we would go outside when it wasn't 500 degrees outside, it was nice.

Oh, do you want to know how else I know that Honey is spoiled? Evidence below:

This could be why she sits under you when you eat...

Ian also took to his cousins like crazy. He loved hanging out with them. He was also really good at invading their personal space. I think they're watching a movie here.

Don't let those pictures fool you. These were the ONLY times Ian was just laying down. When the air mattresses were blown up, he would take the jumping on them and doing all sorts of gymnastics. I had to interfere when he started climbing the chair and jumping onto them. He's a little dare devil.

Amy and I took Ian to the beach on Saturday. Ian loves the beach! He was burying us in the mud. :)

Let's see, what else happened? Ian got to chalk outside! He really enjoyed that. After tracing Cole and Kyle we were able to trace Ian (we as in Janet and Lisa). He was getting all of his chalk, moving it to the grass and back and forth... why Ian does these things? I do not know.

Finally, on Sunday before we left, we went to Moody Gardens. It was fun! Stephen loves underwater animals, and so does Ian for the most part. When we got to the penguins, they had a chart so you could see how big you were compared to the penguin. I'm proud to say that Ian is in fact, heavier, than the penguin. :) Well, the one around his height anyways.

Sorry about his short shorts. I had to roll them up because they kept falling down.

And you know, Ian wanted to play in the cage.

And the last picture on today's blog, Ian and Stephen looking at the penguins.

They had Shark Passports and you stamped them with the different sharks you saw as you went through the pyramid, it was pretty neat. As I'm writing this, I realize that Janet probably still has Ian's. I haven't unpacked yet, but I remember giving it to her. Oops. Oh well. I'll get it back I'm sure.

Anyways, that was our trip. We left around 5 to come back and didn't get back to Austin until 9. Ian started crying. We had two stops, one at a Walmart in Columbus where we bought their only portable DVD player and Cars. Stephen rigged it up to the backseat and it was silence (minus the movie's sound and Ian's giggles), the whole way back! It was easy from then on.

Got to go unpack now.

Blog out.


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