Sunday, August 29, 2010

20 Weeks

Hello Readers!!

I am officially 20 weeks, 1 day today. It has been a good day. Full of kitchen cleaning and cooking. Breakfast tacos for breakfast, baked potato soup for dinner, and some peanut butter and jam cupcakes for dessert and for Stephen to bring to work tomorrow! I would like to say that baked potato soup is my favorite soup and I made it fantastically. I mean, it was/is incredible. And as for the cupcakes... well...

I know right? They do taste as good as they look. Muy tasty. And yes, I have yellow and pink cupcake holders because we're having a girl. With Ian, we took the family out to eat, with this one, we're making cupcakes!

Anyways, I look/feel like I'm 40 weeks pregnant. I'll start with pictures next week... hopefully. The baby is the size of a banana, so she's getting pretty big! We've officially ordered our home study birthing course (we are using a different method besides Bradley this time). We've also toured and registered at the hospital. And I'm sure glad that we did. I'm still confused on how to get places, but Stephen seemed to know where he was going the whole time. I haven't ever been to this hospital, but I think it'll be a good experience.

For those of you who don't know, we are trying to a VBAC with this baby. My doctor is 100% supportive and has the highest VBAC rate at this hospital. I will have to be hooked up to monitors and will have to go to the hospital earlier this time to be monitored. But, I'm okay with that. The hospital is very supportive of moving around and allowing me to get in the shower. I'll also be able to keep the baby in the room with me for hours before they take her away for her bath, which is freaking sweet. Ian was immediately taken from me during the c-section, so this will be a little different. And yes, Stephen will follow new baby wherever she may be going. Regardless, the tour went well and we're excited to birth there. We got to see a baby getting its cleaning with daddy in the room. And cool enough, grandma was seeing her very first grandchild for the first time, it was amazing to see.... I almost cried. I'm pregnant people, I'm allowed to do that.

My recipe made me take double the amount of frosting that I needed, so I'm going to make a cake or something tomorrow to use it, how ridiculous is that?

Blog out.


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