Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Photos with Deana and Family

In Houston this past weekend, I got to snap some pictures of Deana and her family downtown. It was fun, and windy, and hot! But, it went pretty well. I don't have the watermarked versions on this computer, so I'll just put some edited ones up.

Corbin would only really look at me if he was blowing kisses at me, adorable!

Or if I was yelling his name. :)

Overall I think that we got some pretty good shots. I don't have a favorite yet. Sigh.

There are so many more that I like, but I don't want to overload your browser, or email, whichever you get. It was a lot of fun and I can't wait until the next session with them. Deana says that she wants a different theme every time. Yay!

Now, I have to return the item I surprise ordered because I messed up. Oops.

Blog out.

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