Thursday, July 15, 2010

adventurous day

First off, my A key is completely gone and destroyed, thank you Ian. And my Y and B keys are still missing. I did get into a tiff with Stephen and told him next time Ian picked up his Kindle, I was just going to let him destroy it. This is ridiculous, it is very difficult to use the A keyless hole. This is one of those things I should put on shit my kids ruined, but it's on there. I should also incriminate his father for playing video games and letting Ian do as he pleases.

Speaking of Ian, his new favorite thing is to throw things away in the trash can. We have one of those that you hold your hand above and it opens, I'm sure it's fun.I just hope he doesn't throw away any toys.He also used my robe to clean up a spill yesterday, he's so handy.

I was going to write a lot more, but this keyboard is driving me nuts. Plus, I've been having stomach pains, so I'm just gonig to lay down and do nothing todau, besides watch  Ian.


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