Friday, July 16, 2010

Quick Update

I'm about to start making lunch, but I thought that I'd give a quick update. Yesterday I called my doctor because I was having really bad lower stomach pains, from about 3am to 9am. Long story short, they called me in and everything checked out okay, but I have keep an eye on it. My mom ended up watching Ian all day while I literally laid on the couch all day, until work. It was so nice. I even got in a 20 minute nap! The pains are gone today, so that's good.

Before the doctor's appointment yesterday, I had to drop Ian off at Stephen's work so that I could make it to the doctor. This morning, Ian woke up saying "agua" instead of "water." I'm guessing someone at work taught him because I never speak spanish to him, but they do at work.

I promise I'll try to start posting some substantial blogs... with pictures! I just haven't had the time. :)

Blog out.


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