Thursday, July 29, 2010

Quick Ian Sequel Update

I thought that I'd give a quick update while I'm at my mom's and Ian is acting all weird and calm. (I'm actually going to bring medicine to Houston because it's very strange that he's being so chill). Anyways, I had a doctor's appointment yesterday. It went well, everything looked good. We didn't really get to get a good heart rate on the baby because it wouldn't stop moving. Seriously, we'd hear a few beats, then it'd kick the doppler. We have a feisty one on our hands. The doctor asked if that was good enough for me, or if I wanted to wait and hear more, I was fine with that. Have I mentioned how much I love my new doctor? He's awesome! He's very funny and makes me feel relaxed. And he always makes sure I'm okay with what's happening before he moves onto the next thing.

He said he's hoping for a girl. He keeps referring to it as a girl and she, how hilarious if it's a boy. We find out next month! I'm super excited! It'll be Stephen's first doctor's appointment. He went to every single appointment with Ian and not one with new baby, what a change of pace. It's harder to go now too because of Ian. The one time I brought him with me, the nurses watched him for me because they're all in love with him. They actually asked me where he was the last time.... lol.

Ok, more later. Blog out.


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