Monday, July 26, 2010

Mommy Goggles

Ian has been up to a lot since last week, as he always is! We'll go ahead and use bullets for this post.

  • My dad has come to the conclusion that Ian is a vegetarian. After some thought, I agree. He LOVES fruit and vegetables. Given watermelon or ice cream, the boy would choose watermelon. He eats tomatoes by themselves. If I give him mac n cheese with hot dogs, he eats around the hot dogs. He really does not enjoy eating meat. I have to be very convincing for him to eat it.
  • I have a part time job and my mom watches Ian for me while I'm at work. Then, Stephen drops my dad off and picks Ian up. The only noticeable issue here is that Ian only gets to glance at my dad and not spend any time with him... and well, papa is his favorite. So, on Friday, of course Ian cried when he left my dad and the dad felt bad. Ian went to hang out with my parents for a couple of hours on Saturday night. They went to Barton Springs, they road the train, and they went out to eat. It was pretty fun, from what I hear. Here's a picture my mom sent me of Ian on the train, he looks so serious.
  • We have been trying to tell Ian that I'm pregnant and he's going to have a little sibling. I know he probably doesn't quite get it, but I'm hoping that by the time he's a little over 2, he won't be too shocked. I have a pregnancy book that shoes a baby in a mommy's belly, so I showed Ian that. And we tried to explain to him that there's a baby in there. Now, he'll point to my belly and say "baby." This morning, I told him that baby also loves kisses, so he kissed my belly. It was super cute.
I could go on forever about Ian, but we have some playing and cleaning to do.

Blog out.


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