Sunday, July 18, 2010

Date Night!

Stephen won a gift card to McCormick's and Schmick's at work, so we got to go on a wonderful date. Before we left for our date, I made Stephen take a picture, he wasn't too excited about it, but alas, he took one anyways.

Then, we dropped Ian off at my parent's place and headed out. I was very pleased. We decided to try the portebello mushroom bruchetta, and it was Oh-So-Tasty! Stephen doesn't like mushrooms, but he ate it anyways.

Doesn't my half-eaten brushetta look yummy? Good, because it was.

Next, we ate lobster and crab bisque. Need I say, I always get bisque if they have it, anywhere. It's perhaps my favorite thing (you know, besides crawfish boils).

This more than hit the spot. It was extremely tasty. I really need to learn to make bisque of some sort, seriously. Anyone have a recipe?

Doesn't Stephen look like he's really enjoying it? He is. I could have stopped the meal there, but given it was an awesome date, we took it a step further. (Side note: I'm sure Jackie and I will be going there soon and getting bisque).

Our entrees came out and they were nothing short of amazing, well mine was, I can't speak for Stephen's. Stephen decided on the Surf and Turf.

Sorry the pictures are dark, I was trying to be discrete with my huge camera. Anyways, Stephen loved it and thought it was amazing. I doubt it compared to mine though! I got salmon stuffed with blue crab and spaghetti squash (which I decided is one of my favorite vegetables).

This picture doesn't do it justice. And, we should have taken After pictures of ourselves. I imagine we'd be sprawled out on the floor with full bellies.

I actually have a mommy goggles post for tomorrow, so check back!

Blog out.

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