Thursday, July 22, 2010

Monkying Around

I haven't written a post on just Ian in a while. So, here it goes! Lately, I've been trying to do new things with Ian besides swimming. We actually didn't go swimming at all last week, so we're going to go tomorrow morning if it's not raining. Anyways, BookPeople has storytime twice a week and Franny used to always try and get to me take Ian. I finally took him yesterday, and I must say, we are never going back again.You know when you take your kids somewhere and there's that one really disruptive kid? That kid was my kid. Ian has too much energy and is too loud for his own good. We never even sat down to read the book. Then, in the middle of the book, Ian decides to run right through the middle of the group screaming for some car book he saw. Not to mention, he was picking up books and throwing them on the ground. Then, he ran from me around a corner and I couldn't see him, luckily, I could hear him because he's obnoxiously loud. My child isn't even two yet! I guess it's good he get it out of his system before his sibling gets here, but I have this feelings he's just going to have an extra long "terrible two" phase. I have decided that if we try it again, we may try one at a library so that there are only books and no toys and things.

Other than that, things have been going quite swimmingly with the little one. He's still pretty little, but I'm sure he weighs 20 pounds now. I'm going to have to get lots of his pants together and give them to my mom to sew darts in for me because some of them just fall straight off. I must say, Ian never stops eating. He eats all day long. I have to go to the grocery store a lot to keep him from being hungry. And when he eats, he acts like I haven't fed him in a week. It's ridiculous. I think part of it is because he seems to have lost the ability to walk and only runs. That and he dances like crazy. And sort of music he hears and he's dancing a jig. It's adorable.

Ian's monkey genes are also kicking in full force. He's figured out how to climb everything. He climbs our desks daily and I now have to find a new place for things we keep up on our desks like scissors, markers, etc. And he tried to climb the entertainment center the other day, he didn't quite succeed, but he isn't far off either. He actually asked for help when climbing it... really?

I don't know if I mentioned this before, I'm sure I have, but he can open the doors, including the front door. So, we have to make extra sure to dead bolt the door when we're inside. Where does he learn these things?

He's been doing a great job of keeping me on my toes. And I must say, I'm never bored. This is why I can't ever do dishes or clean, because if I turn my back for one minute, he's into something else. And no, he still doesn't nap. Though, he did fall asleep in the car yesterday and slept for about 30 minutes, that rocked!

His vocabulary is growing daily and he's finally saying his own name more. I LOVE the way he says it, so I like this word substantially. Got to go play with cars now!

Blog out.


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  1. catching up on reading shcool and yours yours is better yay! like new blog and orchestra park sounds cool hopw it works out this weekend !