Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday's Ramblings

I don't have an idea for today's post, so I'll just post some randoms that have been going on lately. Enjoy.

  1. Yesterday, I was cutting up and apple for Ian with an apple slicer. Short story short, I sliced my thumb. I really shouldn't be allowed in the kitchen anymore. Pregnancy clumsiness has taken effect super early this time. It's pretty ridiculous. I've had an accident with just about every single meal I'm cooking. And oddly enough, I've been cooking more... it's a weird cycle.
  2. Ian has a new laugh that he'll do after his normal laugh, it's a little scary sounding. But, we end up laughing even harder afterwards. He knows how to work a crowd.
  3. I'm working at St. Edwards Episcopal School right now, only part time. And I've learned something weird... it's very weird when there is a child in the classroom with a normal name.
  4. The summer needs to have good shows. They do not.
  5. Amy thinks my new baby is going to have lots of hair because I have lots of heartburn. Franny calls the new baby Ian2 or Ian the Sequel. Weird.
  6. Stephen's team, Netherlands, actually made it to the finals! I'm super excited. I want to win first place because the prize is a give card for a restaurant, which means, HELLO DATE NIGHT!! But, I hear that Stephen wants to win 2nd place because he'd rather have a gift certificate to Best Buy. Ugh. We'll see.
  7. I made some jello today, it was super tasty.
  8. Stephen knows that I can't drink caffeine and he did the big grocery shopping last week. Anywho, he bought me diet/caffeine free coke and some decaf tea! :) Yum!! I pretend that there is caffeine in it to help with the lack of energy, it hasn't helped so far, but I'm hoping.
I'll stop at 8. See you tomorrow readers.

Blog out.



  1. Um, you know that Stephen has the 1st place prize locked up, right? I mean, I bought the prizes, and never intended to award one to myself, so - he wins the McCormick & Schmick's GC by default. Of course, he doesn't know this yet, so it will be a surprise.

  2. eat more apples they are supposed to give you energy i thnk just dont cut them because apparently that leads to injury . I can't believe the netherlands beat brazil I had to watch the end of that game it was AMAZING!!!
    Brazillian fans don't take losing very well you should listen to some of interviews they had of them --- fiesty.