Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Update

This weekend has been a pretty good weekend so far.

The Longhorns won, despite their terrible offense.

We've been cleaning out our closet. So far, we've donated two garbage bags full of clothes and thrown out another bag of ripped and ruined clothes. We aren't even done yet, but it is what we're working on for the rest of the day/night when we get the chance.

I got my hair cut yesterday. As I was sitting in the chair, I showed her how short I wanted it. Right before she started cutting it, she noticed that my hair was really, really long and asked if she could measure it to donate it. She was a little bummed out because I still needed a few inches. I told her to go ahead and cut off the required length... and she did! I now have really short hair, Stephen says that I look like a "mom" now. But I like it. My head feels lighter and I'm not as hot. And, I can wear it in a tiny pony tail, curly, or straight, it's pretty nice.

Remember my last post about Ian needing to be in the shower to sleep? Well, funny enough, over the weekend he was crying again and he ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor with it on, don't worry, I got him pillows.

Anyways, my aunt wrote me after that post and suggested that we try a white noise machine for the wee one. I have never thought about it. I did find one that I really like, but I'd have to wait to have it, and well... I'm all about instant gratification. After asking my parents, I did some research and found out how to make my own shower sounds. This nerdy dad explains how he made his own sounds for his child. I did the same thing.

But then my dad sent me another link: White Noise 247. It has music that you can either stream on your computer or download. I downloaded "Rain" and "Calm Sea Waves." We'll be listening to it tonight and see if it helps. I don't know which one yet. I think I may prefer the rain sounds, but I also really like the waves sounds too. I'll post about it tomorrow. Hey, and who knows... we may actually use the one I made! But probably not, I think it sounds a little funny. I'm going to make it anyways.

Completely off topic, but Stephen has been getting into this amazingly awesome ritual where he makes me breakfast every single Sunday. It's like Heaven.

Um... how tasty does that look? Ian had a strawberry (and I had a few bites of omelet) before I decided to take out my phone and snap a picture. Doesn't it look good? It's a tomato and bacon omelet and was quite tasty. It is even more special because Stephen loathes eggs... I mean really, he hates them. Yet, he's learned to cook them just right for me and it's wonderful. What a great way to wake up on the weekends. :)

I know that you want an Ian and Mila update, but you're going to have to wait until tomorrow for that.

Blog out.

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