Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Is it really THAT bad?

Um, I've decided both yes and no. You probably don't even know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about Ian's leg again. Why? Well, I finally got to see the x-rays, so I'm going to share it with you.

First off, I had to go to the hospital to get a copy of the x-rays. Am I the only person who wans't aware that they'd be giving me a copy of them on a CD?! I think It's totally awesome. I was pretty shocked, and I got to keep it too. Sadly, I had to go to work, so I wasn't able to look at them. My mom sent them to my phone with a phone call consisting off "He definitely broke his tibia and it looks pretty bad." People, I could see it on my phone. Without further ado, here it is:

Isn't his leg so cute? I mean, nearly the entire thing fits on here. I think it's adorable. Anyways, do you see right under the knee, that nice break? I have another zoomed in image:

Please take notice that it goes at a downward angle, jags up, then jags back down with a very little amount of space left before it goes all the way through. Ian almost broke his leg all the way through by jumping off of a couch. It is shocking.

We decided to go to a pediatric orthopedic, and man am I glad that we did. We met with the physician assistant and never actually met the doctor, but it looked like a busy day, so I'm fine with that, she was super sweet. But, I'm really here to brag about the amazing technician dude that casted my baby. He had a helper come in with him and he told my mom to hold Ian in his lap. Then, they were talking to him about how neat it was going to be. He let Ian touch the cast every step of the way. I mean, it was the furthest thing from traumatic. I think it's even safe to say that Ian enjoyed it.

There was a little bit of a debate as to what angle they were going to put his cast at. This nice walkable one, or a very uncomfortable 90 degree angle one. They went with the walkable one, thank goodness! He even got this adorable little shoe that isn't ugly and black. And yes, my mom, dad, and I all signed it. Ian was sleeping by the time we saw Stephen, so he can sign it today.

He looks pretty rad and the ladies are definitely giving him sympathy. He only has to wear it for 4 weeks, which is pretty neato burrito. I remember having to wear my casts for 6 weeks, I guess kiddos heal really fast.

Anyways, now I have to go wait to call my OB because I've been exposed to a disease. Parents, keep your sick kids at home because no, you don't know what they have and they could be hurting babies that are still in utero.

ETA: I hurt my back at work yesterday. So my wonderful grandma is coming in today to look at it. Thank goodness. Back spasms are terrible!



  1. awww he looks so cute!
    i wanna sign...

  2. omg ! cute Xa million he looks like he really likes the cast lol ! and wow that is an amazing break!