Monday, September 27, 2010

Mommy Goggles

Waffle with peanut butter and banana is super tasty. I know why Ian eats it all the time now.

He is doing wonderful! And just in case you haven't seen my new facebook picture:

He's basically a grown adult now. Time has flown by! He desperately needs a hair cut. Can you please express this to Stephen? Thank you.

Leg breakage: going good. He still only crawls around and scoots on his behind, but I must say, he's starting to just randomly stand up in the middle of the room. The other day, I took him to play with the train set at Barnes and Noble and he'd walk from the table to the books. I don't think he realized he was walking. It's much like the cartoons where they can run in midair until they realize that they're in midair. As soon as he realizes he is walking he stops and falls to the ground to crawl. In two weeks, we get to go for a check up and hopefully get the cast off!

Ian has been getting skinnier and skinnier. I'm sure the doctor won't be too happy with this. I mean, he eats. It's still super healthy, minus the chocolate milk that I force him to drink every day because of his leg. People, the kid has a four pack now and he isn't even working out. It's ridiculous. I think that Stephen and Ian are going to go get their flu shots at the end of the week. I already got mine. My doctor was appalled that I had a kid, was pregnant, worked with kids, and had yet to get it. So, I went ahead and did it. My arm was sore for about a day.

I made a statement that I didn't want this cast to have signatures all over it. So of course, my brother stole Ian and got a sharpie and wrote "Aaron loves you" on it. Thanks. It's still the only thing on there. I guess I'll have to have people write on it.

I think she's doing fabulous because she's been moving a lot lately. Mostly at night, when I'm trying to sleep. Big brother still calls her "ila" and it's adorable. Speaking of which, we bought him a big brother book and he really enjoys reading it.

24 weeks, 2 days. Wait... really? Yes people, that is correct. I'm 6 months pregnant. And guess what, at the end of this week, I'll be in my third trimester! How ridiculous is that? She is the size of an ear of corn. I believe it, she's huge. I think at this point, she's getting fatter rather than taller. I'm sure it's going to be that way for the rest of the pregnancy. She's been about a foot long for a long time now.

That is all for today people. I have to call Franny today because I'm a terrible friend and forgot to call her last night. :( Sorry!

Blog out.

ETA: Expect a review of the liquid sharpie pencil tomorrow! :)


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