Monday, September 13, 2010


Mommy Goggles Monday

Ian decided to wake up early this morning. That means I have had no 'mommy' time and we're currently watching the news. Ian doesn't seem to mind too much.

Yesterday we stopped by to see our cousins for a little bit. It was nice. They wanted to sign Ian's cast. (Granny and Grandadoo also came up this weekend and signed said cast). Now, it looks beautiful! And Marissa also decorated it with several beautiful pictures, you can see some of them in the pictures.

He still isn't walking on it, but he's getting around really well. And he has his dermatology appointment tomorrow and it looks like he may have a scar (because he picked his scab) but overall it looks wonderful.

Ian's top canines are coming in. He is constantly chewing on his hand. That's really weird because he didn't do that with any other teeth. I guess that these hurt extra bad.

I was feeling really under the weather yesterday (apparently I've developed allergies? I'm hoping it was just the storm and I'll be back to normal soon). Anyways, I was very tired so my wonderful husband took Ian out for the day. Then, he dropped him off at grandma and grandpas and ran errands. That was a nice break. Ian had a great time too and even napped over there which is unheard of.

Mila is doing good (I think). She seems to like to move most at night, which is fine by me, for now. We are 22 weeks, 2 days right now. I can't believe I'm that far along. She is about the size of a spaghetti squash (11 inches) and a pound-ish.

We have another check up next week and my blood work should come in today about the exposure to an illness thing. So, we're good there! We did find out that in October, my visits will start going to every other week. That's pretty frequent!

Blog out!

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  1. i think it's funny that you've related mila size
    to a spaghetti squash twice now.
    who in the hell knows how big that is???