Monday, September 20, 2010

Mommy Goggles

Just in case you are wondering why I'm writing at post at 4am, it's Jackie's fault. I was sort of sleepy at 9 last night and she told me that if I was tired early, I should definitely go to bed early. Now, here I am, awake, at 4am. I should probably clean, but I'll probably read our birthing home study book instead.

Quick update on rain sounds: wonderful. I think that everyone slept better, I know that I slept really well. And most importantly, I was able to fall asleep quickly, which never happens for me. Thank you pregnancy/insomnia. If you're thinking about getting a white noise machine of sorts, go for it! Thanks Aunt Mary.


is doing much better! I don't know what I've written and what I haven't. Ian had three doctor's appointments last week. Two of which, my wonderful mother took him to because I had to work. Turns out, Ian had a double ear infection. Today is the last day of his antibiotics and seems to be doing amazing. He was doing better after 24 hours of antibiotics, so that was nice.

Yes, his cast is still on, and it's still orange! He sported it with a nice orange onsie during the UT football game to... he also stayed awake for the entire game. He has started this huge attitude when he begins to get tired. He just screams and yells at us instead of using his words. We are really working on that. I am not a huge fan of getting yelled at all the time.


is huge. Or at least I'm assuming that she is. Right now, we are 23 weeks, 2 days along. She weighs as much as a large mango! Though, if you were to ask me, I'd say she's much bigger. It is my bladder she enjoys smooshing and pelvis she enjoys nestling in. We have a doctor's appointment this week, that should be exciting. I haven't had any cravings lately, probably because I can't taste. Though, Stephen took it upon himself to dust our bedroom because of mine and Ian's congestion. I did sleep easier last night, though, I'm still congested.

Back to Mila, I think I'll have more to update after the appointment. I will say that so far, Ian is a great big brother. As part of his bedtime ritual, he now applies lotion to the baby belly and kisses Mila goodnight. I really like this ritual, it's super cute. I'm trying to lessen the blow of bringing a new baby home. I still think it's going to be a little bit traumatic.

Anywho, that's it for today. Don't forget that How I Met Your Mother is on tonight! Don't forget it!!


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