Thursday, September 2, 2010

Is it fall yet?

Stephen has been going to sleep super early lately. Then, I'll get bored because there's nobody to talk to, so I go to bed early too. It's okay though, Stephen's alarm will wake me up (though Stephen still snoozes 100 times) and I come out here to relax some before the boys wake up. Currently, I'm drinking some chocolate milk to get a sneaky hint of caffeine and about to start cooking my slice of quiche for breakfast.
I really need to start posting pictures again. I've just been so tired that I hardly ever take out my camera anymore. I'm sure the blog would be much more interesting if I did, right?
Last night on the way home from the spaghetti dinner at school, I drove Ian. I would say, "Do you want music?" Ian would enthusiastically say "NO!" Ok? I waited a little bit, then I turned it on and he'd yell "NO!" and shake his head back and forth in his car seat. It was a quiet ride home. He didn't talk much either. He's pretty demanding these days.
**Side note: Stephen just woke up and he's stumbling all over the apartment. It's adorable. I don't understand how he's still so tired because he goes to sleep earlier than me and wakes up later than me. I'm pretty sure he gets 9-10 hours of sleep a night. When he works summers, it's always a 'no fun' time because he's always so tired. I can't wait until the weather cools off and I get my more energetic husband back.
**Fun fact: Stephen broke glass in the kitchen yesterday. After he locked Ian in the other room to keep him from getting hurt, he cleaned it up and also, sliced his foot. The only bandaids we have are Cars bandaids. Stinking adorable.
Ian just opened the bedroom door, so I got to go now!
Blog out!


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  1. Strange times eh??? Bummer he keeps waking you up...Hope your lil girl keeps developing normally. :)