Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Bloggers, Ian and I just got home from running some errands. We're watching Glee for the second time. I love it. It's so awesome. Don't judge me. This blog will be on random topics because I can't choose what I want to write about.

UT - Emergency Alert System
As most of you probably know, there was a suicide on campus yesterday. I really refuse to call it a shooting because there was tons and tons of opportunities for him to kill people and he didn't take them. He randomly fired at the ground and through the air. Even according to the eye witnesses. However, this is about UT's response.

I'm really pleased with their quick response. I was driving to work and I was maybe a block away from the incident. I was sitting at a read light, minding my own business and I got a text from UT. It said there was an armed person around the PCL. About 10 seconds later, I see cops cars rushing towards campus. I saw more and more as I was driving to work, so apparently I got that message pretty quickly if emergency vehicles are responding.

Way to go UT! Nice quick text response. I got messages throughout the day pertaining to lockdowns and everything this. This was really helpful because many of our students have parents who are affiliated with UT, as well as employees. Anyways, I just wanted to give UT two thumbs up for a quick response.

Ian's Walking Ability
Stephen and I caught Ian yesterday...

Wait.. what's he doing?

Oh, nothing ma'. Just walking on my cast. He has about a week and a half left with this thing on. The doctor thinks he'll 'forget' how to walk again when it comes off. We'll see, I sort of agree.

Mila and Practicing Impulse Control
I went to Target today to buy my dad's birthday present (TODAY IS MY DAD'S BIRTHDAY!) and I had my basket full of baby things for Mila. I practiced good self control and only put this in my basket:

I got the pink one. I got a newborn size. It's awesome. She'll be born in January so I feel it's really necessary.

Blog out.

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