Thursday, September 16, 2010


Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I have one of those jobs that doesn't allow me breaks or a computer or anything... so I literally have to be awake at obscure hours to fit a blog into my day. I've been up since before 5 this morning. It's really not a big deal. The little dude and I seem to have developed allergies, though I'm beginning to think that Ian needs some serious medicine or something for his.

Alas, I'll be calling today to make him a doctor's appointment in hopes that they'll fit him in without a problem. Though, I know for a fact that every child is oozing boogers and coughing right now. I'm also sure that I have been awake nearly all night because Ian wakes up crying. I had to pick him up and walk into the bathroom and turn the shower on, much like I used to when he was younger and had colic. It was all too familiar. I think that the shower sound is really soothing to him, I can see that.

I almost feel like a terrible mother because Ian has been to the doctor, for one reason or another, just about every single week for the past month. And it's not even like I'm overreacting (which is shocking), there is legitimately something wrong every. single. time.

Oh, in case you didn't get the memo, Ian got his cast wet. Do you like how I say Ian did it? It was in fact a parent, Ian didn't intentionally to do. But, we did have to go to the doctor yesterday and get a new cast. Don't worry, I kept the old one that has all of the signatures. His new one however is a different color:

Doesn't he just look sick? It's really sad. The doctor's office needs to hurry up and open so that I can call. Back to the cast. I like this one better because I can see his toes and play with them. They really need to get cut. Maybe I can do that today.

Also, my new hope is that if the doctor decides to weigh him with his cast on, he'll be on the growth chart. Though, I doubt it. Whereas he is catching up a lot in height, his weight is still pretty far off. I can dream though, right?

Well people, that's all you get out of me this morning. Now, I'm going to make some breakfast, get ready for work, and watch the news. And yes, I do plan on being interrupted before all of this is done, but that's okay. Stephen was making fun of me because I can't sleep when Ian is sick. I literally sit there occupying myself surfing or something while he sleeps and I check on him every 10 minutes. I may have to go get a decaf coffee this morning (as I do on mornings when I need to trick myself into getting some energy).

Have an amazing day! It is Thursday after all, this week has flown by!

Blog out.


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