Wednesday, September 1, 2010


People keep asking how Ian's dermatology appointment went yesterday. If I had to use one word to sum it up, it would be "traumatic." It really was. First off, the office was beautiful and had amazing views. That was a nice touch. We meet our doctor and she's pregnant! That was cute. She decides it wasn't a hemangioma. It was something that was two words long and started with a P. Frankly, I don't remember because of the events soon to follow.

Basically, she knew that it needed to be removed. The thing bled anytime anything happened, if Ian rolled over in bed, it would irritate it and bleed. And we found out, it grows when it's irritated. Hence, the sudden double in size after he last hit it. Secondly, it was ridiculous to keep a bandaid on it all the time. We also found out that bandaids irritate Ian's skin pretty badly. She excused herself to go ask for a second opinion to insure that she really had to do it.

Yes, she really had to do it. She has me assume the position: Ian is in my lap, my legs over his, one arm holding both of his arms, and the other holding his head back against my chest so that he can't move it. She starts the numbing shot and Ian is screaming louder than I've ever seen him scream. I am looking away and have my hands over his eyes because the thing is right next to his eye. The doctor has to call her assistant in because apparently, Ian is very willful and strong.

It was very traumatic for me. I had tears in my eyes. (Yes, my mom was there for moral support). During the whole process, I could tell that the doctor felt terrible. She reassured me so many times that he couldn't feel it and was just upset from being restricted and didn't know what was going on, that I was sure she was reassuring herself. She even started trying to calm him by calling him his nickname. She really was very sweet (it wasn't a pediatric dermatologist, but we'll go to her in the future for any family needs).

After it was all over, Ian refused to open his eyes and I had to pass him to my mom so I could get off of the table. Of course I didn't watch because I was sure it would hurt me, but my mom watched and thought it was pretty neat. He may get a scar from it. It can also grow back. /sigh.

When my mom was holding him, the assistant kept trying to get Ian to open his eyes so he could get an airplane and an airplane sticker. He finally did after a while.

I was sweating, Ian was sweating. I'm sure we were all disheveled when walking out of the room. Everyone was oohing and ahhing as we passed. I'm sure they could hear him in the next city over.

We immediately took him to Target and got him some gauze and paper tape to try and lessen the reaction the bandaids. Ian was also awarded an icee, popcorn, and 3 cars for being so brave. And yes, because my mom and I felt very guilty.

We go back in two weeks for biopsy results and to insure it is healing fine.

I really hope that it doesn't grow back because I don't know if I can handle it.

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